Here at Panther, we pride ourselves in being able to work with our clients to help them get the best IT integration solution for their deliveries to meet the day to day needs of their business and give their end customers the best delivery experience.

We are able to support minimal integration options for smaller businesses that give clients the ability to use the online portal to manually upload and track orders with no direct link between systems. We are also able to support more complex solutions too.

Panther will work with clients to integrate with their own systems using csv file transfer, API and, if required, custom integrations based on client IT system requirements. Orders can be uploaded, updated once received and information to aid with order tracking pulled back to update their own systems directly or through a third party carrier management system. Panther works with several carrier managers and third party sellers so already have experience in integrating with them and providing tracking information in a format they can use.

We understand that clients have varying needs and flexibility based on their business and end customers. We will always work with clients to ensure they are able to work with us, get the best solution for their needs and a solution that works with their existing systems.

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