The Customer Journey

Here at Panther, our aim is to take the stress out of deliveries and thanks to our cutting-edge technology, that’s exactly what we have achieved.

We ensure that customers not only have a wealth of options when booking deliveries, but they are also kept informed at all times about the expected arrival time of their goods.

Communication is key and with our app, customers not only receive a message at the point of order confirming the date of delivery, they will also receive a message the day before, confirming the date, and then the night before, advising of a two-hour delivery window.

Throughout the whole delivery process Panther is able to send 14 different updates to the customer via SMS.

This process enables us to keep in constant communication with the end customer to make sure they have numerous choices, an enhanced level of service and that our deliveries are as easy and convenient for them as possible.

In order to ensure no corners are cut, the new system will also prevent a driver from finding out details about the next delivery until a report is sent from the current delivery. An alarm is also activated if the driver fails to make the essential ‘on our way’ call to the next customer.

For our customers we offer:-

  • Simple integration with almost any platform
  • Order can be sent via EDI (CSV/XML/JSON), API or via web based manual booking forms
  • Parcel level tracking labels
  • Real-time status reporting
  • Fully customisable client KPI reporting suite
  • Bespoke warehouse scanner application giving immediate visibility and location history of all items
  • Driver app offering real-time debrief and ‘sub 5 minute’ proof of delivery access on most orders.
  • Enhanced end-customer order tracking including inflight delivery change tools
  • Fully customisable per client.

Cutting Edge Technology