The Customer Journey

Panther offer an online booking service that allows customers to choose their delivery date within the parameters of postcode coverage and client lead times. The customer receives an email and SMS with a tracking link inviting them to book their order as soon as it is received on the Panther system and a reminder if a date has not been chosen 24 hours after receipt.

Once an order is received on the system prebooked by the client or a date is chosen by the customer, they receive an email and SMS, confirming the delivery date the tracking link for their order. Clients can also give customers the opportunity to make amendments to the delivery right up the point of delivery.

The night before delivery email and SMS notifications with a two hour delivery are sent out to the customer. This is also confirmed the morning of delivery when the order is out on the round. Customers can track their orders progress to their delivery address. The customer will also receive confirmation when the driver is a few drops away. The driver will also precall the customer when they are on their way.

In-flight options can be included to allow customers to be rebook should a delivery be unsuccessful.

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